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On this website we will publish articles about alternative science, free energy-, and thruster research, with some related tutorials that will assist the deeper understanding of the revealed discoveries, inventions, and science. Some of the content (like papers) are in downloadable pdf format that don’t have corresponding web-pages on this site, therefore it is recommended to check out the Downloads page as well.

The primary focus will be on the principles and methods of generating excess energy from wave fields. There are two main branches of physics where these principles can be employed; the first is acoustics where my research was originally focused, and the second is radio frequency electromagnetic waves, which was first explored by Janos Vajda who has published a booklet about his theoretical FE (free energy) research titled “Violation of the Law of Energy Conservation in Wave Fields“ in printed format in Hungarian in 1998.

Although Mr. Vajda’s published research work and inventions contain errors, and thus don’t produce free energy as claimed, the basic principles of gaining excess energy from wave fields still remain valid. If these principles based on wave superposition are properly employed, it is possible to build FE generators that extract excess energy from wave fields. These principles and methods will be discussed in more detail on this website.

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