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The Published Work of Janos Vajda

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Janos Vajda was an electrical engineer (passed away in 2009) with a masters degree, specialised in microwave technology, more specifically in radars. He has published a booklet in 1998 about his theoretical FE research titled “Violation of the Law of Energy Conservation in Wave Fields“ in printed format in Hungarian. I have been independently researching the same subject of exploiting the law of wave superposition for gaining excess power, but in acoustics rather than using radio waves as Janos did. Finding his booklet in a bookstore was an ecstatic feeling of “synchronicity” or “coincidence” (or was it?) that against all odds there is an expert doing similar research just few kilometers away from where I lived at the time.



Sample pages 43 & 44 of his booklet


He was an elderly pensioner already with no internet connection, and no English knowledge, which made it difficult for him to publish his work internationally; therefore I have decided to help him gain presence on the internet. Later on we have worked together on the translation of his booklet into English and its publishing on the internet in electronic format around 2003.

Microwave technology is a branch of electromagnetics, which was not my speciality at that time, and since Mr. Vajda appeared to be an expert of this field, I have left this subject for him to explore, and did not get involved. My focus continued to be acoustics, which seemed to be more intuitive for me than the often unexpected behaviour of microwaves. Impressed by his formal education and apparent expertise demonstrated in his booklet, I have had blind faith in the validity of his claims and FE inventions, and endorsed his publications on my websites for many years. Although I have expressed some of my doubts to him about his antenna arrangement, he brushed them away with simple arguments that sounded convincing at the time, so I have continued to spread his work.

Only in 2016 have I first heard about his passing away, and started a detective work with the aim of finding his documents that he might have left behind, to recover any value from the final results of his latest research, which he didn’t share until his death. After obtaining a professional high speed scanner, lots of travelling, and a week long scanning of his documents at a museum, I have started studying his inventions and discoveries revealed in these documents, and validating them using professional simulating software. This also forced me to upgrade my knowledge of microwave science, which took quite a while and still continues.

It became obvious soon that Janos has made many mistakes not only in these documents, but also in his previously published work and inventions. Despite my disappointment, I was slow to remove his publications from this website until now, because I wanted to examine all his documents before making a negative judgment. This process is still not completed; there are still a couple of inventions – proposals to be examined that might turn out to be indeed producing excess power, but I feel obliged to publish the gist of my findings about the bulk of his documents now. Any further delay would be unjustified; in fact I should have done this already a year ago.

Based on these documents and our personal discussions, my opinion is that all those errors were not mistakes due to his lack of knowledge and expertise, but rather they were deliberately introduced. This is the only reasonable explanation for the fact that he has so meticulously derived the power balance of the simultaneously radiating collinear antenna arrays in his booklet, while completely ignoring the change of input impedance of each component due to mutual coupling. When I have originally brought this subject of mutual coupling between the antennas up, he smilingly brushed off the argument saying that the half wave dipoles don’t radiate in the axial direction. Assuming that he must know these things much better than me, I thought that any capacitive and inductive mutual coupling between the nearby antennas would perhaps contribute only with an imaginary power component. I have verified that it is indeed true that they don’t radiate in the axial direction at far field, thus accepted his explanation, and didn’t pursue this point any further.

However, all RF or microwave experts surely know that even though the dipoles don’t radiate in axial direction at far field, when they are in close proximity to one another, their mutual near field couplings increase their ohmic input impedance. Since the radiation intensity at far field depends only on the antenna current (not on input voltage), in order to maintain the same radiation intensity of each component unchanged (when radiating simultaneously), one has to increase the input voltage and input power as well. This increased input power will be the same as the gained excess power generated by the superposition of the waves.

Just as it makes no sense to claim that an expert mason who earned his salary his whole life by building houses, did not know how to make mortar, it makes no sense to assume that Mr. Vajda a microwave expert who was the boss of a department did not know about the increased power input due to mutual coupling and mutual impedance. At the same time his personality did not strike me with the impression that he would be an evil character, who would be eager to willingly perpetuate a hoax of this calibre. Those observations leave me with only one conclusion that he must have started out as a genuine well meaning researcher. Most probably he has discovered the phenomena of excess power generation in certain antenna configurations, but was silenced by his superiors (and/or agents) and forced to discredit himself and publish wrong information.

No matter what really happened with Mr. Vajda and his publications, the principle of excess power generation using wave superposition is still valid, just not the way he has described it and not in inventions he attempted to patent. Actually the very fact that certain people have invested so much effort into developing, publishing, and patenting fake discoveries, to discredit this FE principles speaks volumes about how significant this subject must be.


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