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The Patent Application HU9601424A2 of Janos Vajda

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„Apparatus for Producing and Utilizing Excess Energy with Electromagnetic Waves”


Many years before making his first public disclosures about free energy, János Vajda has discovered that the measurement results of certain practical microwave devices and antennas don’t comply with the official law of energy conservation. In some cases the measurements showed the unexplained appearance of excess energy in wave fields, while in some other cases the opposite of this phenomenon, i.e. energy seemed to disappear from existence.

His colleagues just brushed the issue aside and ignored it, because due to the thorough brainwashing at universities, they believed that the law of energy conservation must be valid under all circumstances. If this wouldn’t be so, they said, then somebody must have already noticed it by now, and corrected the official science; don’t you think? Later on, when they had to face the reality of Mr. Vajda’s discovery, they modified the excuse for not pursuing it to: “Even if this is real, who would dare to contradict the official standpoint of scientific authorities and institutions in a subject of such great significance? You would be ostracized, ridiculed, and lose your job and career… Who needs that?”

But János, having a meticulous and perfectionist nature, could not accept the accusations that his measurements were faulty. Therefore, at first he has refined and repeated the measurements with increased accuracy, in order to eliminate the possibility that these seeming “anomalies” are due to measurement errors. When it became obvious that there was nothing wrong with his measurements, and the accuracy was more than sufficient to prove the reality of the “unbelievable” phenomena, then he took the subject very seriously with enthusiasm, and invested all his spare time and energy into this research.

He thought that if the nature is so generous to produce excess energy even in systems, which were not designed for this purpose, then why not design devices specifically for generating excess energy, and utilize these phenomena for the benefit of all? Due to lousy safety measures at his workplace, János has suffered eye damage when exposed to the scattered microwave radiation of radio locators, and he was retired early. Later on an eye operation recovered his eye sight sufficiently, to enable him to continue his research in private.

After many years of theoretical research and practical measurements, he has invented a device that generates excess energy from wave fields in a controlled manner, within a closed surface. With the help of his former colleague Ferenc Muhr, a master mechanic, they have built a prototype. The measurements have proven that the device works as intended, and it indeed produces excess energy. The invention still needed some improvements and modifications in its practical realization, in order to eliminate unwanted losses, due to the materials used, and imperfections of the manufacturing process; but the excess energy was real and practically proven.

Then he has submitted a patent application HU9601424A2 for this invention at the Hungarian Patent Office (Hungarian Intellectual Property Office) on 28 May1996 in Budapest. The approval process dragged on for several years until finally it was denied. Mr. Vajda could not accept the decision and arguments (rather baseless excuses) for the denial of the office, and sued the patent office, to enforce justice and granting of the patent. After years of legal struggle János has lost the case, and the Budapest-Capital Regional Court has approved the decision of the patent office to deny the patent.

János was dejected, but not easily defeated, when it came to truth and justice. He still considered it very important to demand and enforce real justice and establish the truth, regardless of the expenses and effort it requires. Especially in this enormously important case of free energy, which could change the life of humanity for the better, if implemented in practice. Therefore he has put together a thorough documentation of different proofs, articles, measurement results, and theoretical scientific analysis to serve as an undeniable and irrefutable proof, to convince the court about the truth and reality of his invention.

In order to make sure he is not accused of only theorizing and not practicing, he has even recorded a video of a live measurement of a new invention, which has not been revealed to anybody before (except to his colleague Ferenc).  He has asked the judges in the video, to keep the video confidential, because he intends to announce this new invention himself later, claim priority for the discovery, and also apply for another patent for this new free energy generator. The video presents an undeniable proof about the real-, practical existence of the excess energy in wave fields, and it utilized only conventional off-the-shelf components of microwave practice.

In a world that would have anything to do with real justice, this much of undeniable proof and evidence should have granted Mr. Vajda his request to obtain the patent for his invention. With the meticulously prepared body of evidence, he has appealed to the Supreme Court in Budapest to overrule the verdict of the previous court, and force the Patent Office to grant him the patent.

The court case battle again dragged out for years, consuming a lot of money and effort. The court has requested an expert opinion from some of the greatest authorities at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, but these experts offered a very sneaky reply to the request, by first writing skeptical remarks about the presented evidence, but officially and finally declaring, that they decline to offer an expert opinion to the court on the subject. The VHS cassette with the prepared video evidence has also disappeared at the court. So, on the day of the trial, in lack of video evidence, and based on the negative comments of the “experts” who denied to offer a legally binding expert opinion, the court has denied the request of Mr. Vajda for a patent to be granted, and sanctioned the former decision of the patent office, and the verdict of the previous court. János has again-, and finally lost the court case, with nowhere to appeal any further, and has also lost his faith in the court system.

The later years of his life were spent in solitude, tirelessly working on perfecting the practical implementations of his discovery, inventing new free energy devices based on wave interference, and documenting his work for later generations. According to his caretakers, he died of lung cancer on 30 June 2009 in Budapest. János Vajda was not only a great inventor and scientist, who has discovered and established the foundations of true energetics in wave fields, but he was also a relentless warrior of truth and justice. He has lost a battle, but the war is not yet over.


The invention of Mr. Vajda that generates excess energy from electromagnetic wave fields

For those who speak Hungarian, the original Hungarian patent application can be downloaded for free from here. However, the majority of people don’t speak our language, and there were already complaints, that researchers would be interested to read it, if it would be in English. Therefore after many years of delay, the patent application has been finally translated into English.

The translation of a patent with a difficult, convoluted text, which also requires some expertise in microwave technology is not easy, and costs a substantial amount of money. Therefore if we want to run this website and our work sustainably, then we can not give it away for free, but have to recover at least part of expenses. Due to the highly specialized nature of microwave technology, and free energy research in general, it is also expected that few people will be interested to get it, therefore we offer it only via private communication.

Those who are really interested, and willing to contribute with at least $10 to the creation of this translation, can get it from me via email. Click on one of the payment buttons below, and give your email address on the payment form where you would like to receive the English translation of the patent application in pdf format. If you prefer not to give your permanent email address, then you can also use a temporary one just for receiving the document, which can be acquired for free on the internet (use Google).

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The patent contains 18 pages and 14 figures. Here are some samples from the translation (not the complete document) which will offer an introduction into the subject, and give you some idea about the invention:


Patent sample - abstract


Page 1 of detailed description:

Patent sample - page1


Last claim, page 12:

Patent sample - page12


FIG. 1.:

Patent sample - FIG1


FIG. 2.:

Patent sample - FIG2


FIGS. 13. & 14.:

Patent sample - FIG13 - 14



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