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The free energy research is pursued mostly by enthusiastic people, who do not have full trust in the validity of the official scientific knowledge; thus they are not blocked in this endeavor by a blind belief in the dogma of energy conservation. Sometimes open minded professionals (engineers, physicists, and professors) also recognize that there is something wrong with this postulate, since the practice contradicts it under certain conditions. If an intelligent researcher does not considers the dogmas of the official science to be a higher authority than nature itself, then he has to yield to the sound reason and acknowledge and research the truth.

I would like to present one such case. There was an electrical engineer in Hungary János Vajda (passed away in 2009) who dedicated his whole life to science, specifically to the microwave technology. He worked with radio locators mainly for the military forces, and had several inventions in the field of microwave technology. Since many of his measurements proved that the law of energy conservation is not generally valid in wave fields, he started to seriously research this “unbelievable” phenomena also from theoretical point of view, to see where the mistake is in the official scientific approach, that upholds the validity of energy conservation under all circumstances. As the result of many years of research, he succeeded to scientifically prove (with the classical scientific methods and formulas – i.e. without any new “mystical” theory), that the law of energy conservation is not valid in general sense for the wave fields, but it can be satisfied only in special cases. Therefore, it can not be considered as a valid postulate. He has written a study about his discovery, which has been published in Hungary in 1998 in booklet format (in print). Now the study has been translated into English, titled “VIOLATION OF THE LAW OF ENERGY CONSERVATION IN WAVE FIELDS” and published for the first time on the website “Free Energy Principles” as a free eBook, for the benefit of all free energy researchers. The pdf version of this book can be opened and saved by clicking on the image below:


Sample pages 43 & 44 of the book

This paper is not a theory proposal, nor a hypothesis, but it is a scientific proof, which has been already confirmed by exact measurement results (actually the measurements were first, and the theoretical proof has been developed later). In order to develop a free energy machine based on this principle, you do not need anybody else’s additional discovery, new theory, or new recognition. It is sufficient (and necessary) to posses expertise in conventional microwave technology, and some inventive talent, to solve practical problems, and to understand, and overcome, some hidden obstacles.

This study is a scientific authority in itself, and originally it was meant for the scientific community, to disprove the erroneously assumed general validity of the law of energy conservation, and convince them to listen to the sound reason, and correct the official interpretation of this postulate. The official science rejects the possibility of producing free energy, since before Mr. Vajda, nobody could provide a scientific proof (using the already known scientific correlations and methodology) about how it would be possible to explain that phenomenon (exact mathematical proof is required). Now this paper has achieved exactly that goal (to provide the scientific proof), and no real scientist can contradict the validity of this paper, without running into contradiction in terms himself. So all free energy researchers can use this paper as a scientific background and support for their research and promotional work.

Besides its theoretical significance it provides a scientific base for the development of very efficient, clean, and relatively cheap free energy converters. In this case there is no need to thinker away with strange devices. Everything can be calculated, and after understanding this study thoroughly, a microwave expert should be able to develop free energy devices utilizing this principle. There is no need to research and find out new physical laws, and construct some foggy and questionable new theories for this to succeed.

Since this book was primarily meant for the people of science, as an exact scientific paper, it contains a lot of equations, which might discourage many people from reading it (since for its thorough understanding, the knowledge of higher mathematics is required). But even if you can not understand the mathematical demonstration now, it is worth saving the complete study to your computer for later reference, as it has great scientific and practical significance, which will become evident only later. Even one single preserved copy at the right time, at the right place, in the right hands can enable humanity in the future to enjoy greater prosperity, freedom, and environment-friendly technology. You can use it as a scientific evidence about the invalidity of the law of energy conservation in wave fields, and as a firm base that justifies and urges further investigations in the field of free energy research. It is sufficient to read the explanations and very important conclusions (leaving the mathematics aside) in the study, to get a picture about the essence of the discovery.

Mr. Vajda has also invented a free energy device based on these principles, and a patent application has been filed (Title: “APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING AND UTILIZING EXCESS ENERGY WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES”, Number: P9601424, Application filed: 05/28/1996). This patent application is described in more detail on the page:
The Patent Application HU9601424A2 of Janos Vajda. Here are two sample images from the document:

Patent sample - abstract

Patent sample - FIG2

If anyone wishes to financially (or otherwise) support the full development and utilization of this technology (or the publishing of his study in printed book format) then please contact us.

The English translation of János Vajda’s paper “VIOLATION OF THE LAW OF ENERGY CONSERVATION IN WAVE FIELDS“ can be downloaded in pdf format from here: Energy_From_Wave_Fields_1.2.

To aid the understanding of the discovery for even those, who are not familiar with electromagnetic waves, and higher mathematics, a simplified explanation can be found at the link below.

How to gain free energy from wave fields – simplified explanation

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